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Optimised Noise Assessment and Management Guidance for National Roads

This site describes the results and products of a two year CEDR research program on noise assessment and management strategies.
For an overview visit ON-AIR PRESENTATION
For example slide show visit ON-AIR Examples

ON-AIRs first deliverable demonstrates how noise can be dealt with in the management and maintenance of road infrastructure. TO DOWNLOAD Click here

The second main deliverable is the ON-AIR Guidance Book on integrating Noise in Road Planning. TO DOWNLOAD Click here

Assessment of traffic noise in complex situations, such as overpasses is dealt with in ON-AIRs third deliverable:TO DOWNLOAD Click here

Good examples of noise abatement measures, and innovative solutions provide a wider variety of measures to consider TO DOWNLOAD Click here

acoustical complex situation

An innovative addition to the printed materials are interactive examples: Click here

The project period is from November 2013 to November 2015

Three partners participate in the project.:

Project coordinator is Senior Researcher Hans Bendtsen from the Danish Road Directorate