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Good examples of noise abatement measures, and innovative solutions provide a wider variety of measures to consider TO DOWNLOAD Click here

The second main deliverable is the ON-AR Guidance Book on integrating Noise in Road Planning. TO DOWNLOAD Click here

Assessment of traffic noise in complex situations, such as overpasses is dealt with in ON-AIRs third deliverable: TO DOWNLOAD Click here

Investigation of noise planning procedures and tools

This report comprises a review describing how noise is handled in the planning procedures of selected NRAs in Europe today. The purpose of this report is to conduct a European investigation into the various noise planning proce dures and tools currently in use in different CEDR countries. The objective is to provide a series of good and interesting planning procedures, tools and practical implementation practices. This information will be the foundation for the development of a guidance book on integration of noise in road planning and management in the second part of the project.

Noise planning and management experts from selected European countries have been interviewed. The results of these interviews on how noise is integrated in the following areas are presented in the report:

  1. Planning of new roads and Environmental Impact Assessment (of alternative solutions)
  2. Road enlargement/redevelopment projects
  3. Detailed planning of road construction
  4. Day-to-day maintenance of road infrastructure
  5. Planning and handling of noise in the construction phase
  6. Cooperation and efficient handling of noise issues between national road administrations and regional as well as local authorities
  7. Communication with the public and public participation in the planning and decisionmaking
Noise barrier
ON-AIR Deliverable 1:  Investigation of noise planning procedures and tools Published 24.02.2015

In order to include more information relevant literature has been investigated as part of the development of this status report. On the basis of a literature survey a short analysis of noise action plans developed in relation to the European Noise Directive has been performed. An short inventory of noise abatement measures and their estimated effect based on literature is included. Different methods for evaluating and quantifying noise and noise abatement are presented together with methods for including noise in cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness methods. Illustrative examples are also included.